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The Best Music to Power Your
Group Fitness Classes


What is Rock My Fitness Class?

Rock My Fitness Class (RMFC) is the latest creation from Rock My World Media, a company with years of experience in providing performance-enhancing music to the fitness industry. The Rock My Fitness Class app is a revolutionary step forward in technology and music, designed from the ground up for the fitness class experience. Our app uses the best music tracks carefully selected by professional DJs who then mix them in a way only Grammy award-winning DJs can do.

Say goodbye to ordinary computer-generated playlists offered by our competitors, and say hello to the best brand-enhancing music experience in the market today. Our music library will differentiate your brand!

Now See & Hear the Difference!

Computer Generated Mixes by other Streaming Services

Computer generated mixes create gaps and drop in energy between songs.

Drop in Energy


Did you hear the drop in energy? Not great.
Now hear it with a seamless transition.

Rock My Fitness Class DJ Mix Format

Mixes have consistent upbeat energy.


No Drop in Energy

Pretty awesome, right?!

  • Many music apps (e.g., Spotify, Apple) are only licensed for individual use rather than business use

  • No options for your memebers

Rock My Fitness Class

  • Music selected and curated by Professional DJs, including Grammy award winners

Proven to increase the Enjoyment & Performance of your members.


Other Music Apps for Studios

  • Music selected by a computer

  • Enormous library of expertly curated fitness mixes

  • Ability to control music library to keep music branding consistent across all locations

  • Specifically selected songs blended and curated with a consistent beat per minute (BPM) that aligns with the fitness class experience

  • The most upbeat songs with seamless transitions between songs (no gaps between songs)

  • Fully licensed for business use

  • Customizable app branding and features

  • ​Option to deliver the same music content to your members at their home

  • Computer generated playlists from shuffling an enormous library of songs

  • No ability to control music library across all locations

  • Most playlists are generated by algorithms, randomly selecting songs

  • Songs with inconsistent BPM and awkward pauses between songs

  • Not customizable

Ability to control music library to keep music branding consistent across all locations.

Rock My Fitness Class is...

Continuous, Upbeat Music

Real DJs, specializing in creating fitness music for brands such as Lululemon and Puma, select the best music content to create a consistent, upbeat energy. Unlike other music services, the songs are mixed together with seamless transitions to avoid any awkward pauses.


Music FOR Group Fitness

Our DJ mixes are curated using specifically selected songs that are matched with a consistent BPM that aligns with the fitness class experience and workout template.

Easy to Use App Interface

The app is easy to use. Select a mix from the recommended library and GO. The result is coaches spend less time navigating the app and more time focused on doing what they do best - coaching.


Fully Licensed for business use

Unlike consumer music services that are meant strictly for personal use (Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon), Rock My Fitness Class is properly licensed for business use. Using a consumer-licensed product at a business violates United States Copyright Laws and can open your business to millions of dollars in penalties. You must use a music service that carries a business use license! 

See our Music Licensing section for further details.


The Right Music For Fitness

In the fitness club industry, the right music is extremely important because it can enhance the member experience and result in improved fitness performance. Our music is proven to do both, which boosts member satisfaction leading to better retention and ROI!


Features Developed for Group Fitness

Features in the app are built around the group fitness class experience. Easily raise or drop the volume in one touch, increase the music intensity by selecting our “Max Out” button, or jump straight to a “Cool Down” mix with one touch when your class is done. These are the features that professional trainers have been asking us for and we have delivered them to you in an easy-to-use user interface.


Device Compatibility

Version 1 is optimized for use on iPad and iPhone. Apple Watch integration is coming soon! Also coming soon is an Android version that will be compatible with the latest Android phones and tablets. Lastly, we also have a Web version coming soon that will be accessible on any device with a web browser.


Non-explicit Content Available

All DJ mixes go through a strict curation process and are scrubbed for explicit language and content so members focus on the workout instead of the language in the music.


Attentive Concierge Service

We offer extensive concierge service for customer support, tech support and we will
work with you to understand how your business's brand can best be represented
through music. Our sales and support team is comprised of fitness industry
veterans who are certified in personal training and group fitness training. They know
your industry!


Create a Custom, Studio-branded App

Premium Feature

Get your own branded app!

Create a white-labeled version of the app with your studio's logos and branding colors for your trainers to use. Our branded app includes and custom selected music library selected by the customer with guidance from our Director of Music Content.


Premium Feature

Customize your music content with an industry expert

Marc Thrasher, our Director of Content, has over 35 years of experience as a DJ in the fitness and music industry and has been syndicated nationally on radio. He acts as a consultant to our customers that choose the branded app experience and helps shape
your brand’s music brand.

Premium Feature

Customize your feature set

Work with the Rock My Fitness team to add customized features that improve the music
experience for your specific brand. Have a special thing your studio or gym does? Let’s add a feature to match your desired music experience!


Premium Feature

Your Branded Music Mixes

Our content team can create custom music mixes to your specifications. We will work with you to produce mixes that are customized for your fitness classes and branded with your fitness studio logo and imagery.

Michael Piermarini.png

Michael Piermarini M.S.

Director of Fitness at Orangetheory Fitness

“RockMyRun has become an essential component of our experience. Our coaches love it. Our members love it. We couldn't be happier."

Kenny Grier.png


Multi Unit Franchisee, Title Boxing Club

“It has resonated with our clients more than any other music service. Our classes are more fun and we love knowing we can just hit play and hear seamless, non-stop music every day."



For Studio/Gym owners with a brick and mortar location and unlimited listening hours.


after 14 day free trial


For Trainers and Coaches with no “physical” location. Perfect for independent trainers          


after 14 day free trial





Library of DJ mixes optimized for group fitness

Content library continually refreshed with new DJ mixes


Business use music licensing included


Licensing allows public performance of music at a business location*


Robust music discovery features


Ability to pre-populate Favorites section


Ability to filter out explicit content


Apple Watch music control


Attentive Concierge Service

Unlimited Listening


*Note: If gyms/studio has group fitness classes additional music licencing may be required

Add-on Premium Features

Ask about pricing

only available for Standard pricing plan


Fully branded music app solution with your studio logo and colors with customizable feature set


Music Content Consultation


Production of customized Branded mixes available

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